Top 7 Blockbuster Movies Which Left Audiences Confused

top blockbuster movies

Have you ever planned a fantastic movie night with your date or friends? Popcorn and nachos already on the table and in the middle of the movie you hear those four disturbing words which ruin all the fun. Do you know what those four words are? No? Really? Well, they are “I don’t get it” I know this has happened to every one of us. We play an interesting movie and rather than getting all praises for showing the best movie but all you get is “I don’t get it”.

Well, we have gathered a list of movies which people are still ambiguous about. And you should totally avoid them on your planned special movie nights. I repeat avoid them at all cost if you want to enjoy your movie night truly. Well, here we go.

1) Mulholland Drive:

Mulholland Drive is a classic watch and my all-time favorite thriller movie. But its smooth and slick start and ambiguous ending give different people different ideas. Everybody has their own understanding of the concept of the movie. Trust me if you will watch this movie with friends, chances are that you all will be arguing about it for at least a week. You can’t sleep the night without thinking what was actually the role of that cowboy? What was the logic behind the nightclub Silencio? Who was that crazy laughing elderly couple? What do they all have to do with the story of the brunette? Well, different people answer these questions differently. So you can’t say anything definite about this ambiguous movie.

2) Inception:

We all loved Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Its unique yet intriguing concept is one of a kind. Every scene of the movie hooks you up. Every concept and imagination is shown in such a beautiful way that it actually makes you wonder how someone can come up with such imagination. This beyond world imagination got all of us confused about its ending. When Leonardo spin the Tatum and it tilts slightly but it doesn’t completely stop. Was it the real world or dream? Everybody has their own thoughts about it. Every watch of this movie gives you something new to ponder about.

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3) The Vanilla Sky:

This movie written and directed by Camero Crowe is a sci-fi psychological thriller. The movie should be avoided at all costs on your movie nights because it is truly mind-boggling. Although the cast of the movie motivates you to watch it. But the ambiguous love triangle, lucid dreaming, and a person finding his own personality and individuality are so complex that you won’t want to wrap your head around it on fun movie nights.

4) The Prestige:

Prestige, another hit by our very own Christopher Nolan starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman is absolutely a great watch. But you don’t want to spend your night explaining the movie to the dull minds who aren’t into magic and mystery. This movie revolves around the rivalry between two magicians (Hugh Jackman and Cristian Bale). Christian is playing two separate roles in the movie whereas the jealous Hugh refuse to believe that Christian’s magic tricks are plane smartness and doesn’t have any science behind them. Whereas Hugh refused it to be as simple as that.

5) Cloud Atlas:

Tom Hank’s starer, Wachowski’s movie is an epic narrative of humanism interlacing unrelated six different stories. A few of the stories are totally fictional happening on some other planet, whereas the characters are reincarnated versions of each other in these stories. Many have tried to connect these stories up, but you won’t want to relate those stories up on a fun movie night with friends. It is hard to identify the real world in the movie.

6) The Black Swan:

Natalie Portman starer “The Black Swan” where leaves us in awe with the amazing performances within but also leave us all mind boggled. Especially the end where Nina gives a flawless performance as Swan Queen and start bleeding her heart out. Different people present different theories that what made Nina get to the point where she can feel every bit of the story so actually. Many suggest that Nina’s insanity is actually due to the previous events that went through her eyes

7) Interstellar:

Interstellar- A huge Sci-fi movie which makes you look into your physics books all over again. The time lapse, gravity effect, and other concepts are explained very carefully in the movie. The movie shows that second dust bowl and crop blight is rendering the planet earth. And the scientist is thinking of moving the people to another planet. For which they send an ex NASA pilot and a team of researchers through a wormhole to find out which three planets have the best chance of human survival on it. Well, you definitely won’t want to revise the physics concepts to your date? Or do you?