Top 7 Recent Scary Movies List 2017

Recent Scary Movies

People are addicted to watching the scary movies because they have strange mysterious giving pleasure wrapped in suspense. You may be frightened to watch any of these movies but you cannot resist yourself from watching. Here is the list of recent scary movies of 2017.

1. Jigsaw


Jigsaw is a 2017 horror film which is the eighth installment in Saw franchise. In the movie, Edgar the criminal is chased by the police officers on a rooftop where Edgar activates a mechanism. Five men are confined in a barn out of them the four survive by cutting themselves an offering of their blood but the fifth one dies. The following test reveals that Carly is the cause of death of an asthmatic woman.

2. Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day

It is a 2017 American horror film whose story is about a young college student who was murdered on the day of her birthday. After her death, she relives when the day comes. She ignores the invitation of her fathers to the restaurant where he has planned her birthday party. The time of her death is lopped and she is unable to avoid it every time.

3. 1922


It is an American horror film which is among recent scary movies. The story of which is based on a 1922 novella. In this movie, we meet Wilfred Wilf who goes to a hotel room in order to write a crime confession for the crime that he committed in 1922. In the year 1922, we meet Wilfred as a farmer living in the village with wife and son. Arlette wants to sell the land in order to open the dress shop but her husband doesn’t agree. From here the couples fight and plans divorce.

4. It


It is a 2017 American horror movie which is based on Stephen King’s novel with the same name. The story of the film revolves around the story of seven children living in Derry. Bill gives his brother Georgie a paper boat which he sails around the street in rain. His boat falls into the drain and there he sees a clown who drags Georgie into sewer. From there Bill starts the investigation of his missing brother with his fellows.

5. Mother

Mother movie

Mother is a psychological horror film whose story revolves around a couple who live a house. A man comes to their home and asks for a room which is given to him by the husband. The wife is not willing for man’s stay. The man’s wife also comes to stay with him. The couple accidentally breaks the crystal object in the house which severely frustrates the wife.

6. Gerald’s Game

Gerald Game

It belongs to the recent scary movies. It is an American horror film which is based on Stephen King’s novel. In the story of the film, we see a couple who has a weak relationship. To save their married life Gerald and Jessie plan to spend weekend on an isolated lake house. One night Gerald handcuffs Jessie’s hand with the bed. Getting wild with her he suddenly gets a heart attack leaving behind locked Jesse alone.

7. It Comes at Night

It Comes at Night

It is a 2017 horror film and the story of the film is about the outbreak of a contagious disease which is spread around the world. Paul, Sarah and their teenage son are living in an isolated home in the woods. When Sarah’s father contacts the deadly disease then they burn his body in order to secure themselves.