Famous Movie Scenes that Actors Totally Regret Doing!

movie scenes that actors regret doing

Acting requires actors to do things smoothly with which they are not comfortable at all. The immersion in the character demands to push their boundaries and play the weirdness naturally. Often such bold performances gain them the recognition of lifetime. Their performances are been lauded for years and are written in film history with golden words. But it has equal chances of turning into a complete nightmare. Well, we have a list of successful performances which actors totally regret doing.

1. Kate Winslet’s naked scene in Titanic:

Kate Winslet’s performance as Rose is massively known. Titanic– a successful romantic movie has several memorable moments. But a scene that completely swayed all of us away was when Rose asks Jack to draw her like one of her French girls. That passionate moment when a rich girl goes against all odds to be with a man of no status with whom she feels the most alive. The scene was loved by all. And still, the crazy fans of Rose and Jack ask Winslet to sign the half naked picture of her which makes her really uncomfortable and want to stop.

Winslet told Yahoo that “I feel very uncomfortable when a fan asks me to sign that picture. I don’t get it why people do that” Winslet is happily married with three children and feel baffled when her fans bring up that photo of her iconic role. She told that this character and movie is very close to her heart and has.

2. Tyler Lautner would like his clothes back:

Tyler Lautner played the role of Bella’s werewolf lover in Twilight Series. His lycanthropic transformation into a werewolf is followed by no clothes which give fans a good eye on his muscular brown body. So many shirtless scenes actually made him fed up of the character. Lautner told that “If I had any choice I’d wouldn’t have taken my shirt off. But I guess it was to provide a realistic approach to the character.” He also showed concern that people overlook his acting skills because of his amazing physique.

3. Jim Carrey totally regrets doing Kick-Ass 2:

In Kick-Ass 2 Jim Carrey played the role of superhero Colonel Stars and Stripes who get brutally murdered by the villain’s group who become the enemy with the protagonist. Carrey publicly condemned the violence involved in the movie after the Sandy Hook Massacre. He particularly said that “I did Kick-Ass 2 a few months before the Sandy Hook Massacre and I personally do not support the violent content it contains. I wasn’t ashamed of the character bu recent event has changed something in my heart.”

4. Jennifer Lawrence’s soused intimate scene:

The Passenger is a science fiction movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Despite this huge caste, the movie couldn’t do well in the box office. Well, it is mostly because of the weird plot twist which made the movie even darker than it already was. Lawrence admitted that she made herself drunk to shoot the intimate scene with Chris Pratt. As it was her very first sex scene and it was also with a married co-actor which made the guilt even much stronger.

5. Bruce Campbell had awful time filming evil dead 2:

Evil Dead II was soaked in blood on either side of the camera. The lead actor Bruce Campbell told that he was covered in gallons of sticky gore throughout the shooting of Evil Dead II. He told that all the fake blood made him quite sick. He also added that I forwarded the idea to use time-tested Karo syrup formula because it provided a nice effect on screen but certainly made him the most desirable object for the flies of Wadesboro.

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6. Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct practically felt deceived:

Basic Instinct– Who haven’t watched this one? I guess there is no one like that. Well, the movie revolves around a writer and murderer Catherine Tramell performed by Sharon Stone. This wicked character is expert in manipulating men around her with charm. A scene of Catherine’s interrogation gained massive appreciation in which she manages to get away with the truth smoothly with her wit and snark. A simple crossing and uncrossing of leg revealing the lack of panties heated up the scene all the more.

Later Sharon Stone shared that the director advised her to lose the panties because they are befuddling the shot. But when Sharon watched the movie she slapped the director with shock and surprise… because we all know what happened in that scene.

All of these characters gained recognition by playing with the weirdness. These artists are known for the performances they didn’t enjoy or feel comfortable doing.