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Movies are distinguished by their genre which helps us a lot to find the best movie according to our wish. Weeigy.com helps everyone to find a movie to watch with movies genres list. You can watch these movies with your family and friends either in theater or at home.

Top 7 New Romantic Movies Hollywood

Romantic movies become more erotic when you watch them with your life partner. The love scenes are the heart of these romantic movies. There are breathtaking new romantic movies that were greatly appreciated by the audiences. Here is the list of new romantic movies from Hollywood. 1. Fifty Shades Freed It is among the new […]

Top 6 Animated Movies 2015

The animated movies 2015 are wonderful movies to be watched by kids as well as adults. The movies are full of delight as well...

Top 8 New Release Kids Movies of Hollywood

Every year, kids desperately wait for the kid’s movies. The new release kids movies are mostly action based animated film. Some are comedy films as well. You must plan the weekend with your kids for the blockbuster kids’ movies. Here is the list of newly released kids movies. 1. Peter Rabbit It is an adventurous […]

The Best 7 Hollywood Funny Movies of 2017

To make your weekend hilarious and enjoyable, it is a good idea to watch a good comedy film with your friends or family members....

Top 7 Best Horror Movies 2016 of Hollywood

It feels frightening when you are watching a horror film all alone at night. Definitely, it gives you goosebumps. In 2016 there were super...

8 Unrivalled Hollywood Action Movies 2017

The people are in search of the best action thriller movies every year. The year 2017 ended with memorable action movies whose characters are ruling the hearts of audiences up till now. The action movies 2017 list is here for you so that you can come to know about the super acting skills of Hollywood […]

Top 10 Animated Movies of 2016

The year 2016 has come up with luck and appreciations and there came big hits in Hollywood when it comes to the animated movies. Not only kids but adults have become addicted to watching these cartoony animated movies. There is a hidden charm that keeps us floating along the entire movie. The animated movies 2016 […]

10 Best Thriller Movies of Hollywood

Every year we the audiences are bestowed with amazing thriller movies of Hollywood which rule over our hearts for the years to come. The best thriller movies are admired because of their well-knit plot, brilliant direction and heart touching performances. There is a spell on the minds of the audiences because these thriller movies are […]

Most Awaited Upcoming Animated Movies of 2018

Here in this article I deeply discussed about the upcoming animated movies. Animated movies lovers can enjoy their favorite movies with their releasing dates. Unlike last year 2017, which has been a very moderate and unsuccessful year for animated films, 2018 guarantees for being a bustling time for studios and fanatics of movement. Disney, Universal/Illumination, […]

Top 10 Best New Horror Movies List of 2018

Hollywood arranged a lot of prominent horror movies in 2017, from a restoration of the Saw establishment to an exceptionally dreadful looking interpretation of Stephen...