Avengers Endgame: Everything You Need to Know

Avengers Endgame

Are you a movie enthusiast? Probably you are and there is a great film in store for you. You may have been waiting for a great movie genre of choice for even more than 12 months now. Without a doubt, Avengers Endgame will grab your attention. Endgame is one of the best films that will keep you glued to your TV screen or favorite cinema hall.

You may have many films in mind that will grace your screen very soon but Avengers Endgame defines what superhero films are all about. It is a great production from the Marvel Studios that will define your theatre or movie experience. The film stands out not only because of what will be happening in the film but also when it comes to feedback from all film enthusiasts who will catch up with the superhero film.

To get a clear preview of what Avengers Endgame will be all about; it is wise to understand how the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) operates. MCU is a reputed American media entity and platform that focuses on a series of superhero films. The films are based on the characters that are depicted in American comic books and they are published by Marvel Comics.

What to Know About Avengers Endgame

To get set for the thrilling adventure and experience of watching the number one film of the year, you need to keep in mind how the Avengers sequels came into existence. You may be well versed with the origin stories of Thor, Captain America, Hulk as well as the Iron Man. But do you know there is more than just a film story when it comes to The Avengers?

The Avengers brought up the story of Thanos and his escapades. The next Avengers sequel introduced new superheroes that include Black Panther, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange as well as remarkable Captain Marvel. The events that have unveiled on each sequel are amazing and Endgame will make your theatre experience a reality.

Understand the Infinity Stones and their Powers

Powerful beings have unique characteristics and personalities that make them stand out. The MCU superheroes have powers that they embrace to fulfill their dreams and responsibilities. As you prepare to stay glued to Avengers Endgame, there are different infinity stones that you should also know and have fun as the film rolls.

There are six Infinity Stones that aid control varied aspects of existence and each of the superheroes in the films has perfected the art of using these stones. These stones can be used to destroy the universe if wrongly used and this is only possible if the stones are united together.

The Infinity stones include Space Stone, Mind stone, Reality stones, Power stone, Soul stone, and Time stone. Unfortunately, Thanos, a supervillain in the Marvel comics collected them all into his Infinity Gauntlet. Thus, why Thanos powers have been incomparable and he has become limitless over the years.

What the Hype about Thanos?

Thanos status goes way back to his origin. Thanos comes from Titan and believes that reducing the universe population is the best way to have a better world. Before acquiring all the Infinity stones, Thanos was already a dreaded villain carrying out his hazardous mission from one part of the world to another.

Thanos made a dreaded legendary status by being a warlord even sacrificing his own to acquire more powers. Probably you are well acquainted with the Gamora and Nebula stores of daughters who hate Thanos. In essence, Thanos has been a step ahead of any superhero in the Avengers fraternity. And as an Avengers film enthusiast, you hate Thanos too.

Infinity War Race

Before you get glued to your TV screen or theatre near you, keep in mind that the Avengers Infinity War was outstanding. The sequel is full of fan and you probably like the way the superheroes played their roles effectively to prevent Thanos from getting and using all of the Infinity Stones. Unfortunately, the Avengers superheroes failed miserably to stop Thanos from ripping half the universe.

Deaths were reported and most of the MCU characters that most viewers fell in love with were decimated.  Avengers: Infinity War definitely dusted you away from your screen the same way Nick Furry did in the post-credits scene when he went on to contact a superhero who many thought to be Captain Marvel.

Who Died in Avengers Infinity War

Movie lovers and enthusiasts have varied perceptions when it comes to characters in a film. Everyone will fall in love and fancy the good work undertaken by superheroes.  However, there are those who associate with villains like Thanos. Avengers: Endgame definitely promises a lot for movie lovers. The kill count in Infinity War has been the in-thing among millions of film lovers.

A lot of chatters have graced the film world since Gamora was thrown off a cliff and presented Thanos with Soul stone a gift that he really fancied to destroy the universe.  Loki was also killed in an attempt to stop Thanos. It’s disheartening to know Heimdall will not be available to stop Thanos and his goals. Vision was also killed and Thanos was grateful to get the Mind Stone.  His death was untimely and horrible. If you haven’t watched Infinity War, take your time and recap the scene where Vision’s forehead was ripped out. So, Horrible! Avengers: Endgame definitely promises more kill counts. Hoping Thanos and his powers perish.

What Avengers Endgame Promises

Hopefully, you have had the chance to have a glimpse of the Avengers: Endgame trailer. A lot has not been revealed on the trailer about the film. No one really knows what will happen, who dies, who triumphs or whether the universe will survive. We all need to chill, the game is on.

Heads up, Thanos still has his Infinity Gauntlet on and you know how dangerous he can be when ready for war. You all get ready for Iron Man, he’s coming back home and to earth. Most importantly, the war is on and the not dead Avengers are team up and ready to protect the universe.

Suit up too for some movie time as Ant-Man is also suiting up in the trailer and ready for war. And for your take-home message, keep in mind Captain Marvel is bringing his powers to the show. Get set up for great movie time and experiences. You will definitely have fun as Avengers Endgame is here.